• Product name: TIWW - F

    Product size: 0.20 mm - 1.00 mm

    Safety tenperature: 155degree Class F

    Insulation class: reinforced insulation UL Reinforce insulated (6000 VRMS / 1 min - twisted pair)

    Safety standard: IEC60950, IEC60065, IEC60601 (medical)

    Working voltage: 1000 VRMS

    Safety certification: UL, VDE

    Soldering operation: good welding characteristics
    Three independent insulation layer structure, the world's advanced precision equipment production control, automatic production, 5 qc inspection, to ensure the high quality of commitment to customers.

    TIWW - F (M) products by IEC 60601 60601 v medical certification, can be used in medical equipment products, such as power supply applications.

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